Friday, March 5, 2010

Good ol' Aspen Grove

tonight i worked in the kitchen at AG again.
i loved it.
and working with one of my most favorite people, a miss dyer, made it all the better
it's fun to get back into the groove of things and not miss a beat.
it's also great to work with other people who know exactly what to do too.
every time i work there i just reminisce of summer times
i loved it (90% of the time:).
here are some of the memories:

  • cutting up 150 pounds of mashed potatoes all the time
  • katie using salt instead of sugar for the 7 huge breakfast cakes...gross
  • gutting fish...super gross...i really could never do it by the end of the summer, the nasty feel just freaked me out, bleh
  • ingrid's funny stories of marijuana farming in canada
  • annalise complaining every 5 minutes about whatever task she was doing
  • bacon. death to bacon and death to when we had to inch them
  • rolling all 770 rolls without the a/c on bc they "raised" better and didn't dry out (lies julie, lies)
  • julie giving annalise dirty  looks
  • flour fights (below)
  • the horrible day we had to slice all the ham for sunday breakfast. WASTE OF MY TIME
  • listening to many of the same summer songs over and over (aka dish room and kelly clarkson songs)
  • pizza making with ingrid
  • arguing over who got to cut pizzas (easy/fun job except if you get burnt, that equals no fun)
  • emptying the nasty water crap under the bbq and spilling it all over me and stinking
  • bbqing hot dogs and burgers on wednesdays with a hat and sunglasses and walking into the freezer when it got too hot
  • LTOP's blehhhhhh
  • annalise burning the alfredo sauce bahaha
  • taste testing everything with spoons and giving our opinions
  • lindsay's attitude woman vioce (that i have now obtained)
  • pancake/french toast flipping mornings
  • always getting in trouble by greg for washing the potatoes when making roasted reds
  • annalise making nasty nasty looking grilled cheese
  • death of chicken nuggets and dang quesadillas to adults and children
  • plating pies
  • death thursday night dinners and always trying to get out of them
  • early morning walks to the kitchen and watching the sun turn the mountain gold
  • having my hand hurt from cutting so much meat.
  • lindsay and annalise always getting to make saturday cookies and i always did the dumb salad
  • scotty bff
  • california trip
  • andy being a brat to Jim
  • Glenn's predictable jokes at camp opener
  • the corndog song
  • shea and amy's amazing song
  • christmas in july
  • 4th of july
  • burning tanning with annalise
  • provo trips
  • the swing/bench and hammock outside snowshoe that anyone who was dating had to sit on for hours with each other
  • kimberobics :)
  • kimberobics in the smelly baby rooms
  • watching the bachelorette with the huge group of girls on the little laptop
  • watching here come the newlyweds
  • watching long bbc movies enforced on us by annalise
  • working, playing, and living with all the same fun people that you love
  • missing the one person all summer that i loved the most
  • lover coming to AG in the summer to visit: best. day. of. the. summer. ever.

there's so many more good memories
wish i could remember them all :)


rebecca lourie lowe said...

i LOVE aspen grove! how fun that you work there. we are actually going for our family reunion in July. i hope you are working there when we go this summer!

Cherri said...


Lindsay said...

I love love love this! There were definite times when I laughed out loud. haha Julie...

Andy Ballstaedt said...

I was NEVER a brat to Jim. Never. I saved more than 7 lives that summer and did all the manual labor required (wood chucking, lawn mowing, construction,etc. while all the other girls dusted.) SO yeah, should I have received an untainted letter of recommendation? I should think so!