Wednesday, March 17, 2010

have you ever "googled" yourself?

i have :)
i did it again today and it was fun
i found all my old track records, which inspires to get my lazy bum out there running again!
loved those days :)
found lots of links about this blog...

i googled casey,
did you know there's a casey cutler from AZ?
yeah, he's in jail now,
for "sparking a full terrorism investigation"...
uh...that's not my husband,
but my husband is the one with footbal records etc!
good job husband

and then i googled my dad,
his law stuff all came up first :)
oh happy day, good job scott and dad
even his picture did too!

but you know what the first site was for for whomever i googled?
ah, the powers of facebook.

so go google yourselves people!
tell me what you find!

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