Saturday, March 20, 2010

i miss

yes that's right,
i miss arizona food like a fool right now
tia rosa'a salmon tacos
ned's krazy sub's subs
qt's beverages
sweet cake's yummies
zooshi's sushi
golden spoon's cake batter
tasty joe's fortune cookies (or maybe just the collecting of the fortunes)
and a larger supply of mexican food available on every corner

only a few more weeks until i get to eat all these again!!!


Katie Nelson said...

all those sound SOOOO good right now.

Nik and Dawna said...

AGREED!!! Nik and I noticed Utah does not have a good variety of Mexican food as soon as we arrived. It's been difficult cuz we LOVE Mexican food. Tia Rosa's is by far the best on that list above...oh and QT. My heavens....I have missed their clean gas station and their awesome drinks. So Sad. 146 days until we are back there for good! Just like you...I miss it sooo much!

Cherri said...

Ahem...You forgot your Moms home cooking is in Arizona! :}

Weston said...

ooh snap!

Scottie and Megany said...

oh my gosh i know! i totally need my serano's and mi amigos, and qt, and tropical smoothie, and barro's..... IT'S MAKING MY MOUTH WATER JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! and i'm jealous cuz i don't know when i'll get to go back down to my sweet home... take us with you! oh and i miss my chandler mall hehe