Monday, March 1, 2010

this week...

i will actually take notes in my classes so i stop falling asleep in all of them
i will get my landscape project done
i will cook dinner more often
i will pick up my clothes
i will do my to-do list that's been there to-do for a few weeks now
i will be on time to my 7 in the dang morning lab for soil boring science
i will send my mom the stuff she's been asking for
i will do good, meaningful scripture study each day
i will not look at blogs while listening to my accounting lessons
i will do all of my accounting quizzes and turn them in on time i still need to do today's by midnight and it's 10:22 :(
i will enjoy the dang paso doble
i will print out my wedding pictures
i will be happy

what will you do?

1 comment:

Mckenzi said...

hahah I love the I will not look at blogs while listening to accounting... you are my kind of woman!:) Library sets the tone for my blogging adventures! haha Hope you are good Kimber girl... You guys are so cute, hope to see you soon? Got a nasty job working almost every weekend night but Sundays would be a divine day to see your beautiful face.

P.S. Are you getting excited about Cali!! I am jealous, how we ended up in yucky AZ AGAIN! i will never know. Have fun for me!