Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the husband and our little black book

have i ever mentioned to you about our little black book?
no not the one guys carry around with lots of numbers of one nighters.
it's a like a litttle "i love you diary" that we got as a gift from his brother and SIL.
we love it.
we write in it to each other (anything or however long we feel like writing)
and then hide it somewhere for the other to see
it gets fun seeing the different places we can hide it and it's even sweeter to read what the other wrote to you.
story first before i tell you more about the little black book.

part of that same gift was a jar thing of a bunch of questions that you ask each other
we did a bunch of other questions to each other when we got engaged to learn even lots more about each other than you could in a normal conversation that you really wouldn't ever talk about. we loved that too
well these questions are kinda the same but cuter:
"tell a memory when you were 5"
"describe your dream home"
"when did you first fall in love with me"
etc etc, they're just cute questions.
well we were doing the questions the other night and it was so fun.
in casey's words the next day in the little black book it was so fun
"getting to know you even more."
how true that is. 

i like to think casey and i know each other pretty dang well compared to the rest of society.
but there's always giong to be so much more to learn about one another.
i'm excited for that
i'm excited for eternity with him
have you ever been around casey much?
well at least when he's with me, he makes the funniest 4 year old faces,
so cute and adorable,
we took pictures of some the other night,
i'll share:
pouty face 1- 
NO! face-
cry baby face-
on the edge of tears face-
and lots of chins face- sorry baby i just had to put it up, it's just so funny!
happy baby face-
pictures don't serve these faces justice.
but i am just in love with this boy still.

ps-the other day in church casey whispered in my ear:
"your hair smells like jelly and i want to eat it"
i thought it was terribly adorable, hehe. i loved it.


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

very cute!
We had a book of questions like that too. very fun!
Casey is a great guy!!

Cody and Camille said...

Oh you two little cuties! I'm glad you're enjoying the questions and love diary! Casey's faces are hilarious! I'm beginning to realize that Casey and Cody are more alike than I thought!


P.S. Can we please live closer to you so you can watch our little baby too!?:) You guys are so good with the chillins!

Cherri said...

Cute idea the Black Book.... Casey's faces.... well not so cute ... ;)