Thursday, March 18, 2010


today is the eighteenth day of march, 2010
i am so tired 
i was like a walking zombie this morning
i think it's funny that professors have to wear nice clothes and students wear yucky sweats
i saw the first bloomed daffodil today, that makes me happy
i want to wear flip flops but i don't want to chance my toesies getting chilly
i would really like my own puppy or kitty right now
i am watching a lot of basketball right now not completely by choice :)
i love byu
i am excited for general conference
i think it's funny that so many utah people keep christmas lights up for like ever it seems
i want new curtains
i think i ate most of the girl scout samoa cookies...bad tempting/yummy/expensive girl scouts
i need to go do my landscape design project, boo
i am wishing so bad i was in hawaii with all my cousins, no fair and so jealous
i miss all my freshman girls
i want my mom and annalee come visit in april (everyone else in AZ would be nice to see to)
i badly need to go the gym sometime asap
i really need my hair cut,
i want to color it but i'm too scared
i am in dire need of new clothes please please oh please casey
i need/want summer to come
i need that school break
i think bananas should be on every breakfast food, it makes them so yummier!
i am not going to do accounting, i should but i don't want to
i love love love chocolate milk and horde too much of it
i was happy for the over abundance of green yesterday we also had green milk yesterday :)
hopefully the eighteenth of march will end happy like it started :)


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Oh Kimber I am always tired too!
If we see you in the summer we could do your hair?
I think it would look good with color in it!
Loves, Ker

Blair said...

I doubt you need new clothes. You are always getting new clothes. If you get new ones, give me your "old" ones. :)

Cherri said...

Iam glad Casey has to buy all the new clothes now. Ha. :) sorry casey