Monday, March 22, 2010

the weekend

played rockband and finally  didn't have the neighbors tell us to be quiet
casey and i worked lots at AG (wife) and the library (husband)
printed out our wedding pictures and hung them up! yay!
watched lots of basketball games (i'm still beating casey:)
i was inspired to make my skin oober healthy and
i learned what my face shape really is, what to do with my hair because of my face shape and what side of my face is my better side, haha, no really it was way cool!
made a cute headband
played my absolute favorite game ever with some friends (catchphrase! that game will never get old to me)
had a wonderful stake conference with elder hinckley presiding
listened to beautiful. uplifiting words from various speakers who truly showed their love
made yummy chocolate chip banana bread
finally made dinner for some of my siblings (got to have cute little abby with us too!)

so yes, that was our weekend :)

warm weather is upon us and i'm so so so happy!
so excited for this semester to be over,
not that i don't enjoy my classes,
more like i just want a break and something new!

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