Wednesday, March 3, 2010

satin sheets

we did our laundry yesterday.
i couldn't bring home the dry load from the house i do it at bc it wasn't dry.
so when we went to bed last night, we had no sheets :(
except for the new satin sheets in the closet that i still had not used.

moral of the story:


on a side note all growing up i told my mom i wanted silk sheets. but i didn't want her to buy them for me when i had a twin bed bc that would only last oh so long and how little time I in actuality had. so one of my wedding presents from her: satin sheets (she thought silk would make you too hot). but once we did get them i was too scared to use them bc i thought they'd be cold, and slippery etc. boy was i wrongo. they are UMazing. so, to all you out there on an 800 thread count cotton sheet: you're missing out, go buy satin (plus they were a great price:)



Anonymous said...

dont hate on my 700 count cotton.

Cherri said...

Glad you didn't wait any longer. Casey all you need is a mirror Ha!