Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sweet little angel came to visit!

we finally got the cute little abby all to ourselves!
this i our niece up here in utah from my darling brother and SIL
usually when we see abby it's with a bunch of other people and you have to take your turn
but this time it was just her and us, we loved it!
we just chilled and were super cool together :)
Haha this last picture like triples the size of her cheeks, it's so funny!

her lips are to die for
her eyes are always so interested in everything (aka they're always big and staring:)
her headband that day was so cute! it would fall in her eyes every once and awhile and it was just so funny!she like didn't even notice it, not a peep!
can you imagine wearing a headband and it falling in your eyes and you just sit there and don't fix it? haha 

and it's always fun for us to be around babies in general,
casey came home and all of his attention went straight to the little princess
i love the way he plays with her and talks to her and holds her
it's adorable
he's going to be such a great dad when that day does come

she is a cute little cuddle bug and we can't wait to have her to ourselves again! 


Mrs. Darling said...

I am so super glad you had fun with her! It is hard to share, but you are totally welcome to play with her whenever! In fact, I will call you and we can schedule another little bit of time....

plus, we need to see more of you two!

Cherri said...