Friday, November 15, 2013

11 months old

my practically 1 year old 11 month child.

i wrote this post on the first buthaven't gotten around to putting this pictures with it!
so here it is, 2 weeks past :)
 photo IMG_6240copy_zpscfba3a72.jpg
he definitely prefers walking to crawling.
he's so big!
but it's just as i imagined, he walks around the corner with a toy (or kitchen object) in his hand looking for me in excitement. cutest boy ever.

comprehending SOOO much!
claps, high fives, and gives kisses all the time when asked to
signs "all done" after meals.
plays peek a boo and loves to stack blocks.
when told to "go find mommy/daddy" he goes to the other room we're in.
 photo IMG_6243_zps57942eed.jpg
knows when he's doing something he's not supposed to.
there's a cabinet i accidentally leave unlocked sometimes and at some point he'll find that it's open and once he hears me coming towards him he'll hurriedly stick his hands in the cabinet waving them frantically hoping to find something that falls out, hilarious.
 photo IMG_6251copy_zpsd3e2e81e.jpg
definitely has some opinions these days.
if he's trying to get away from me like in church or people's houses and i stop him to redirect him,
he lets out a large yell in retaliation.
 photo IMG_6297_zpsbdcf194b.jpg
totally has fake laughs, fake frowns and fake cries.
that too is hilariously adorable.
 photo IMG_6296copy_zpsed9ebb6f.jpg
i just love that child.
his smile is infectious.

have i mentioned he doesn't mind strangers at all.
not one bit.
he'll go into a new person's arms at the drop of a hat,
i love it.

his sweetness oozes.
his giggle empowers my adult funniness.
i just love him to pieces!!!!!!


Brooke said...

Oh my heck, he's just too cute for words!

Brittany said...

SUCH a studmuffin. So fun this age

Cherri said...

He is going to be BIG!

Cody and Camille said...

His outfit is perfect! What a cutie! Can next week please get here faster?!?