Friday, November 22, 2013

cheerio love

 photo IMG_6471copy_zps59a3506b.jpg
have i mentioned how obsessed with cheerios maxson is?
he loves cheerios.
loves loves loves loves them.
there's cheerios all over our ground 60% of the time.
there like little cheerio mines.
you try watching where your stepping but sometimes you just miss and you cringe when you feel that cheerio break beneath your foot.
if i do clean them all up, maxson will undoubtedly find one forgotten somewhere and when in the middle of playing, he'll stop abruptly to pick it up and eat it.

i once walked into a room where 2 women were watching about 8 little kids 8-11 months in age while the moms were at their own meeting, and maxson was just in the corner by himself with scattered cheerios all around him eating and happy as can be.
it made me laugh.
totally my son.

within the last month he happily shares food (especially cheerios) with us when asked to and it's heart melting.
he gets real happy once the cheerio has finally been dropped in your mouth (because he has to put all his fingers in your mouth in order to drop it).
i just love it.

i love how in the top left picture maxson's tongue is out while he's feeding me.

speaking of feeding,
maxson has clearly caught on to what prayers are in the past few weeks.
we pray before all his meals and bedtime, he doesn't quite fold his arms by himself yet, but we'll fold his arms for him and he'll keep them there long enough the smallest 2 sentence prayer.
his new thing is squeezing his eyes shut and bowing his head when we start praying and after 2 seconds releasing his hands in the gesture we do after prayers to show him we're done praying (just holding hands outward, palms up, we only do this for maxson).
he then looks at us with an expression of "i said the prayer was over, why isn't it over? why are you still doing the prayer?"