Tuesday, November 19, 2013

squirrels and pumpkins

hey mom, remember when you said you think the gajillions of squirrels all over are yard are cute?

this is 1 big reason to show you how cute they are not.

this is was out turkey/thanksgiving pumpkin
 photo IMG_6446_zpsc4e184e8.jpg
confound it squirrels!

everyone in our neighborhood doesn't put their pumpkins out on their porch until halloween night or else they get devoured.
last year my thanksgiving pumpkin was protected all november long somehow.
they must have been full from halloween.
this year at exactly 2 weeks after halloween night they began devouring mine. less than a week after they dug the first hole, the whole front side was gone, the back pumpkin has a huge hole, and they are finally in the trash (thanks missionaries for throwing them away for us:)

1 comment:

Cherri said...

LOL---- awhh they are still cute... it wasn't my pumpkin. Next year try a fake one.