Saturday, November 2, 2013

more on halloween

i couldn't resist sharing some of my friend's costumes.
they were so cute this year!

i will shamelessly post another picture of our dental family.
we had lots of fun this year in our costumes.
casey stood by the the trunk of our friend's car where we combined forces in candy and sad to all the kids walking by "do you have any teeth for me!?"
he was very proud of his costume.
people kept saying they couldn't believe i could get casey to wear this and i kept thinking "uh, you don't know my husband, he loves this stuff!"
casey borrowed his costume from a girl in his dental class, i taped paper teeth onto his "wand"
i sewed pillow cases in the shape of teeth and stuffed them with pillow stuffing, and put my graduation cap to good use.
 photo IMG_5616copy_zps9ded3312.jpg
the (mini) dentist and halloween leaves
i bought a scrub shirt, minimized the whole thing to fit maxson and sewed a tooth onto the pocket
 photo IMG_5670copy_zpsbca75044.jpg
2 bees, a bee keeper, a bear, and a sunflower.
 photo IMG_5619_zpsca30d2d9.jpg
doc mcstuffin family
caesar and a witch
 photo IMG_5629copy_zps42d44420.jpg
pumpkin seeds, 2 pumpkins, and a farmer
pocahontus, john smith, meeko the raccoon
 photo IMG_5630copy_zps28cf955b.jpg
a pilot in his airplane, a flight attendant, and a landing traffic controller.
grandma holding a baby with lord voldermort beside her
 photo IMG_5641copy_zps23ded822.jpg

unlike last year, there were lots of families and parents who dressed up, not just the kids, which made it so much more fun.
it was a little dreary and cold out but still fun to see everyone dressed up and happy!

ps- a note on halloween. i love halloween, i really do, it's another fun reason to do fun things. what i don't like: kids who trick or treat not in costumes. i SERIOUSLY do not want to give them candy!!!! is that just me?


Cherri said...

I make them all tell me what they are.... some of them this year even after they told me what they were I still didn't get it.... I know it's an age thing.... All of mine were dressed up and the ones that weren't didn't ask for candy... they were just keeping company with their "immature" friends.. they said... HA. I give um all candy. You could HORSE UM next year. :)

Melissa said...

What creative costumes. I'm impressed!