Monday, November 11, 2013

waking up is hard

sometimes i'm jealous maxson gets to take 2 naps a day.
but on the other hand, sometimes i feel even groggier and more tired when i wake up from naps.
although maxson's body needs nap, he sure doesn't like waking up from them.
i can count on one hand how many times that boys has woken up happy.

i caught this little series after a late day nap he took.
i think casey actually woke up him up from this nap because it was going so long into the evening.

i love his look of confusion.
the way he buries your head into your shoulder when trying to wake up.
the yawn.
the eye rub.
the smile when he sees me.
just watching his little mind wake up, try to take around his surroundings, and remember everything he's learned.

i love that little boy SOOOO much!

 photo Nov92013_zps1a496c04.jpg

ps- casey your smiley-double chin makes my heart smile too ;)

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