Monday, November 18, 2013

my favorite child eating/feeding products

i talked about my favorite baby baby products back here.
now i want to share my favorite eating/feeding products with ya!
 photo IMG_6494_zps9cef005f.jpg

these bibs
they're a nice sturdy but flexible plastic that you can easily wash under the faucet after each feeding.
it has that pocket to catch all the food that misses the mouth opening.
they're a great length and width (at least for my babe)
i'm sure they'll last for all my kids too.
1 problem: spaghetti sauce kinda stains them. it doesn't bother me. it fades after so many washes

for some reason i thought having a high chair that swiveled would be awesome.
ha, it is kinda fun.
necessary? no of course not.
i really wanted a "space saver" chair and it has worked out great for us.
if i could have gotten this ikea one back with me i may have done it.
it has a really sleek design, really light weight, collapses nicely, and doesn't have crevices and stuff
but i would have bought this one too. simple cheap, easy.

these snack cups
everyone has them, they're great.
maxson proudly carries his cheerios around in it.
although he's not perfect at not making a complete mess with it, it gives him power and responsibility over what he's eating which i love.

i love the concept of those squeezie pouches from the store.
but at $1+ each, i just can't/don't want to afford that.
we reuse these pouches all the time.
i buy the big jar/tubs of applesauce and yogurt to fill them up which is way less expensive.
also when i make myself smoothies, i put it in here to feed him with.
we're always taking these things on the go so there's little to no mess.
they're brilliant.
easy to clean.
hold a lot.
and i had 1 of the top ziplocs break on me so the company set me a whole new pack!
this is the cost effective way to go.

we also take these with us whenever we're out and about.
they too are brilliantly convenient

this sippy cup
there are tons of great sippy cups out there.
i just happened to buy this one.
it doesn't leak even when it's laying over.
max likes it so i like it.
but soon i'll be buying this water bottle for him so it can hold a little more and he can use it for years to come

easy, cheap, cute, microwavable, great design.
(they're cheaper if bought directly at ikea, i didn't buy the utensils, and i also have 2 sets of all the plates, bowls, cups so i'll have 12 matching ones for multiple kids etc)

and we just bought these forks
baby spoons are so cheap and easy to find.
forks, not so much.
why is this?
i decided to get metal forks instead of plastic ones so they "stab" more easily and last longer.
we shall see

so mommas, what other super awesome mealtime accessories do you love that i've overlooked?


Joe and Jocelyn Sigety said...

I love our ikea chair!

Melissa said...

I was going to get those reusable pouches but I haven't looked into which one is the best yet. Have you tried other brands?

Jared + Carly Reid said...

None of the links worked for me :( you are the best at giving such helpful tips though!