Wednesday, November 27, 2013

picturas de iFono

i'm thankful for FAMILY!
part of them came in town last night and it's so fun to be squished in our little home.
i'm thankful they all did the big walmart shopping trip right now so i could blog!

a. we finally we to this local burger place called honest abes
oober hipster but even MORE sober delicious!
b. we loved out burgers.
i got the headless horseman (the sauce was a combo of pumpkin, cream cheese, and cinnamon, it was like a DESSERT burger!) and casey got the classic which was amazing.
we've decided every time we go there we'll always get the classic and try 1 new one, always splitting both with each other for flavor.
maxson made a mess, but it's cool
c. leaves!
d. this child loves to have the tooth bruch in his mouth (let's be honest, he loves everything in his mouth) but if we're brushing our teeth he insists on finding one of his tooth brushes to put in his mouth as well. this picture makes my heart sing
 photo Nov2120131_zps2aa28a13.jpg
a. baby friends! there were lots of babies in our ward born in 2012, this is only a few! we love our friends!
b. shoulder riding it
c. i was visiting teaching with a friend and our boys just stared at the fish tank for like 10 min. the older 2 year old kept pointing stuff out to maxson, adorable.
d. fire in the sky
 photo Nov2620131_zps184f568f.jpg
a. just the beginning of play time.
i HIGHLY recommend rotating toys friends, maxson is so much more interested in his toys now
b. getting excited for the holiday season!
c. gearing up for the cold outside
d. stud
 photo Nov2620133_zps173cd6c1.jpg
a. getting a last swing in with neighbors on an unusually warm november day
b. casey came to help with scouts again teaching basketball 1) i love that man 2) he had me laughing the whole time 3) the scouts like him WAY more than me
c. why are these store bought sugar cookies so good? i love them dearly
d. trapped himself in the corner
 photo Nov2620132_zpse8fb89b1.jpg

if i don't get around to blogging again today, HAPPY THANKSGIVING FRIENDS!

ps- HA! story of my life!

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Cherri said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING .... and Hi to all visiting Cutlers!