Friday, November 1, 2013

a fall day in a nebraska town

i was pleasantly suprised that nebraska welcomed me back with red, yellow, and orange leaves! i was afraid that while i was gone nebraska would pass by fall in a heartbeat and little maxson and myself would miss all the fun. alas, not so. yesterday was a beautiful temperature and we found multiple lawns covered in leaf piles to jump into. and even though maxson just wanted put the leaves in his mouth, i think he enjoyed the crunch of the leaves quite much.

 photo IMG_5682_zps35ba6418.jpg
 photo IMG_5672copy_zpsd9cd86ee.jpg
 photo IMG_5695_zps966bccf2.jpg
 photo IMG_5679copy_zps7306bc7f.jpg
 photo IMG_5675_zps1670361c.jpg
 photo IMG_5666_zps7197d0dc.jpg
 photo IMG_5669_zpsa0d7d749.jpg

and happy 11 months to maxson today!

ps- and happy birthday brooke! ;)

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Cherri said...

Can't believe it is already 11 months!