Tuesday, November 5, 2013

picturas de iFono

and here's the iPhone update!

1. waiting at my cousin's wedding with this little study
2. standing in the back with this baby during the whole ceremony
3. cousin bonding
4. this picture didn't load and i'm too lazy to fix it
 photo Oct242013_zps93b4f868.jpg
1. found this sweet mechanism at the airport. BRILLIANT
2. watching the airplanes
3. flying over the grand canyon
4. these 2 cousins played constantly
 photo Oct2420133_zpsffd5a83e.jpg
1. few things make you feel younger when you drive your dad's car to the grocery store at night with nothing but your phone, keys, and their credit card.
2. maxson's new friends raja
3. cheerios all over the church floor
4. learning young
 photo Oct2420131_zpsd118dc23.jpg
1. had a little hair date with my SIL whitney. (she's awesome my arizona friends! call her! all of our family who gets our hair done by her constantly get compliments on our hair)
2. we took a mid hair coloring break to have lunch with our niece at her school (my hair is not at the final stage in this picture).
3. met up with my bff, amy, love that girl!
4. fhe with my brother's family
 photo Oct2420132_zps5276c3a0.jpg
1. the half marathon finish area, beautiful or what?
2. wonderful grammy cutler finished!
3. britton conked out after the half marathon excursion
4. maxson fell asleep real quick at home (that skin is definitely my arm)
 photo Nov520131_zps09539b0c.jpg
1. abby made us dinner at the park with her grass clippings
2. trucking 3 kids to the park with the dog
3. leaf playing
4. leaf piling
 photo Nov52013_zps0f60b668.jpg
1. messiest, funniest eater
2. went on an awful waffle date with my niece abby, man have they done GREAT with that new place!
3. crepe with nutella and banana
4. maxson terrorizing callie the dog
 photo Nov520133_zpsf8977d6c.jpg
1. drove up to salt lake to get together with my cousin kammy!
2. post baby
3. 3 kids ready for church 15 minutes before go time!
4. university parkway
 photo Nov520132_zpscc7669ea.jpg
1. more slide time
2. also met up with 3 of my aspen grove friends, 2 of whom have babies too!
3. the dog was always parked right under maxson during meal times. ALWAYS. i never had to clean food off the floor while i was there, so great.
4. pre-santa
 photo Oct2420134_zps10517867.jpg
1. made banana bread with this munchkin. he kept pointing and saying "uh oh, lu lu!"
2. caught the peak of this funny moment on video, no child was hurt ;)
3. met up with a nebraska bff, jocelyn, who transplanted to utah!
4. my attempt at pumpkin bread bowls this year for halloween
 photo Oct2420135_zps7b783804.jpg


Cody and Camille said...

You totally rocked the momma of 3 business! Such a natural!:)
p.s. we must play with Max asap!!! He's SOOO stinkin' cute!!!

Annalise Shumway said...

whoa. just got caught up on your blog.
love little Maxson. He is growing so big!!

Cherri said...

Smile, Smile, Smile!