Monday, November 4, 2013

small surprises

i love finding unexpected things all around the house to remind me what a joy motherhood is.
 photo IMG_4624copy_zpsc859af83.jpg

opening the bottom drawer in the kitchen to find a hot wheels car mixed in with the tupperware.

stepping on a squeaky bath toy in the shower left over from his bath.

unexpectedly kicking a toy underneath all my sheets once i slip into bed.

finding small toys mixed in with the groceries when they sit on the kitchen floor too long.

coming into the kitchen to find all the lower cabinets and drawers emptied of their belongings.

finding a trail of cheerios anywhere in the house.

there are countless other moments that belong in this category and i know i will only gather more through all my years of little children.

just like i don't mind putting away my husband's scriptures everyday he leaves them out after breakfast because that means he is reading his scriptures,
i don't mind picking up after this cute little munchkin all day everyday long, because that means i have a happy, healthy, curious, learning child in my home.


Melissa said...

Standing on that bike is too funny!

Our kids were like parallel to each other in milestones until the past month. Ellie isn't even standing on her own yet. Which I'm happy about, not ready for a walker. But it's funny to see him do that! Big Boy!

Shane and Clara said...

very sweet. and so true....the reminders.

Cherri said...

Lists are great memory triggers.... old brains need triggers!