Wednesday, October 9, 2013

normal day activities (but really only the morning)

i feel like i'm in a blogging rut.

to combat this blogging rut, i want to write more, not just post pretty pictures. read/skim if you wish to hear about a normal day for us

like today:

maxson woke up at 7, that's sleeping in for him lately, ooy. hopefully all this traveling in the next couple weeks will royally mess up his time clock so we can reset it properly. after nursing, maxson terrorized us in bed for awhile while we tried to catch a few more winks. casey got up to take a shower as i guarded maxson from falling off the bed whilst he played with the curtain strings, his favorite activity (luckily they're on casey's side so he mostly crawls all over casey in the mornings to get to them and not me, yayyyyyy). once casey got dressed he took maxson down stairs with him to eat breakfast and such while i got 20 more minutes of sleep, bless that man. and at about 7:57 he brought him into me, we say couple/family prayer together and he bikes off to school quick as a hamster (that was the first quick animal that came to my mind...)

i coaxed myself out of bed (maxson is usually the coaxer as he no crawls to the edge of the stairs and peers down, don't try it kid). a quick out of bed it is to go save my child's life. we change the diaper, but not the pj's. i believe in staying in pj's until after the first nap of the day. downstairs maxson ate waffles and peaches for breakfast. i had good old honey bunches of oats alongside him. i love that he can feed himself all of his own meals these day, talk about helpful. also he doesn't just feed himself, he devours it.

walking group was quite chilly this morning. i wore my fleece lined leggings and a sweatshirt. therefore i bundled maxson up in his fleece footed pj's, a hooded sweatshirt, a blanket, and  a rice bag to really make sure that kid was warm. i think he may have sweated his guts out on that walk, but at least he won't be catching a cold! walking group is small this year, but through we be small, we are mighty. the park was good. the sun was shining, kids were laughing as they chased each other, and maxson was excitedly stuffing all these new rocks in his mouth. we swung on swings, rocked back and forth on those springy horses, went down slides, played peek a boo in playground tunnels and just enjoyed ourselves to our full measure. i don't want the weather to get cold. i'm so much enjoying the warmth of the sun and laying out on the grass in the afternoons and evening with my neighbors and all out babies just relaxing and letting the children explore the grass, leaves, dirt, and bugs. please don't come fast winter, i will not be happy.

on the way home from walking maxson fell asleep. i transferred him to his crib when we got home and he slept about another hour. we ate lunch with daddy.

**all the above was written the actual evening of that day**

now it's the day after and i can literally not remember anything that happened beyond that except i made potato soup and sanded blocks for a MOPS craft while watching granite flats.

moral of the story: if i don't keep a good record of small daily events, i forget them immediately.


Melissa said...

What do you do with MOPS? I've heard of it.

Brooke said...

I don't know why, but I always love hearing about people's every day routines. Especially when a dear friend and cute baby are involved!! Love you guys :)

Alissa said...

So I had a thought today while your husband bore his testimony in church today. You guys are going to do great things. You guys are just so awesome.

thats all. Have a good day. :)