Friday, October 25, 2013

a wedding in the northern desert

this was the first activity in a LONG time where all 5 of us siblings were together.
although we were missing casey and my brother weston's family, it still felt really special being together.
we laughed so much and it's incredible to sit back and realize we're all adults now (though at times we still act like children, especially around our parents), all married, all have similar mind sets yet different goals, dreams, and situations.
i do love my brothers so very much!
kirk, logan, me, weston, scott
 photo IMG_4773_zps807c1400.jpg
and then we added our sweet parents to the picture and my brother kirk said, "wow, we seem so small when it's just our family now."
how true that is, we used to be a little family of 7 and we're up to 20 with PLENTY of room to grow :)
logan, you look so TALL in this picture?!?
 photo IMG_4775_zps08274133.jpg
but on to the wedding :)
it was beautiful.
my cousin did such a wonderful job planning every little detail even though she was in australia the whole time.
her husband is an australian who is a doctor over there, when she traveled around as a nurse she met him there and they've been dating for a long time since then!
so much of the wedding sat around the theme of traveling, aussie things, and vintage chicness
it was a dazzling day of marriage happiness!
 photo IMG_4667_zps52d96ee9.jpg
 photo IMG_4677copy_zpsa0e18399.jpg
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 photo IMG_4656_zps674cf06d.jpg
 photo IMG_4675_zps85d9625a.jpg
 photo IMG_4648copy_zps953d0e4f.jpg
 photo IMG_4635copy_zps45d7dcb1.jpg
 photo IMG_4745_zps5fcbdb9a.jpg
 photo IMG_4641_zps0183afab.jpg
 photo IMG_4722_zps24f6ab3a.jpg
 photo IMG_4654_zps005ab980.jpg
 photo IMG_4763_zps787369c2.jpg

i love any excuse to visit the beautiful red rocks in sedona, arizona surrounded by family i love

and like i posted yesterday, here is a link to her wedding video


Cherri said...

Love the pics.... sweet!

Blair said...

Hey, my kids and I are were there too :)

Shane and Clara said...

Awh what a sweet, good looking family! I can't believe you guys are all adults now too!

And.....I didn't know Arizona got cooled off enough to wear a sweater....Your mom looks young as ever!!! She has never aged. So beautiful.