Thursday, October 3, 2013

hollar back!

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i had the most epic google hangout reunion with a few friends from aspen grove this week. seriously such a blast! these were some of my favorite gals and it was such a blast catching up on everyone's lives. 3 of us are raising our first little babies at home. 1 is married and works for an advertising company. One is finishing up a dietetics internship for grad school this semester. and 1 is finishing up her undergrad at BYU. 3 are in Utah, 1 in Cali, 1 in Missouri and myself in Nebraska. we have all different lives but that 1 summer working, living, and playing all together at aspen grove will forever keep us together. talk about a care free summer. never worried about food, bills, money, routines, friends, activities, etc. so many great memories.

this was actually the first time we've ALL been "together" since AG! there's always been one missing in person or through google hangout one way or another so this felt really special. what's odd is that all 6 of us have very loud/big personalities. we're all loud, bossy, outgoing, and mostly extroverts i think, so it's kinda crazy that we all mesh so well, ya know?

speaking of loud, i was really loud and woke up maxson at 11:30 pm though...mmeh

to you 5 ladies, thank you for cooperating .

and to all you AGers of 2009 out there who read my blog, shout out to you too! you know who you are (and i know who you are;)

ps- sorry andy, i know you'll hate that yours is the big face in this picture but that's just the way it is :/ at least you're pretty! speaking of andy, every blue moon she'll write a post on this little blog of hers and i always think they're hysterical

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