Wednesday, October 23, 2013

day sometime over a week i've been gone from casey: bizzzay

last i blogged it was kind of a relaxation day of sorts.
since then: not so much.
friday we attended my cousin's most beautiful wedding reception in sedona, arizona.

saturday there was a post-wedding bbq in the area and i got to have a photo shoot with my very photogenic brother and SIL.

sunday i went to a young single adult ward my dad is bishop over (hello microphone on maxson the whole time amidst a congregation of purely single adults, when i say every little noise maxson made was heard from every pair of ears there, i kid you not. and boy howdy he was hooting and hollering when we took his cheerios away or picked him up mid crawl towards the place he wanted to go.) but in reality it was just fine. everyone was so nice and it's always fun to run into familiar faces.

monday my SIL whitney did my hair, the two of us went to my niece's school to have lunch with her, i met up with one of my favorite gals from high school, amy, and hung out at 2 different brother's houses for the evening.

tuesday i flew to utah, met up with one of my other absolute favorites from nebraska who moved last spring, jocelyn. i took their family pictures which was one of the funniest shoots i've ever done. i met up with yet another one of my friends who moved from nebraska, emily, took their family pictures and had the best time with them. jocelyn drove me to ikea where i met up with my SIL where we shopped for some quilt backing fabric, (her amazing shop here) and ate a little dinner. we then drove about 40 min back to where they live with kids taking turns crying.

which brings us to today, wednesday. we played with the cousins, britton and abby, took long naps, met up with some of my awesome aspen grove girls, ate dinner, which finally brings us to right now.

are you tired of reading of all my activities? i'm kinda tired writing it all,
but i do have pictures to post of all these fun things.
soon friends, soon.
it doesn't help that i forgot my camera in my friend jocelyn's car who lives like 1 1/2 hours away.

but beyond all of this busyness i'm experiencing, gosh darn it if i didn't miss that husband of mine.
having the whole bed to yourself is only fun for so long and then it's just pure lonesome.
after about a week i'm ready to have casey back in my life physically.
it's good to be away from each other like this though because it reminds you why you married the person you do, it's because you are in love with them so darn much and they become a part of you!
casey, I LOVE YOU!

pictures tomorrow friends!

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Cherri said...

Ahaa the lonely love bug strikes again.... it is a good illness. Can't imagine life without Sam!