Thursday, October 17, 2013

day 1: longest flight day ever.

(i've left this all in central standard time to make it easier to understand)
4:30 am wake up
5:00 am leave for the airport
6:00 am check in to our flight to learn that we will be making not one but TWO stops on our way to Phoenix, shoot me
6:20 am while going through the security line i had the most awful realization that i didn't have a single disposable diaper with me. i put them all in our checked bags
6:21 am have a momentary freak out
6:30 am buy 2 diapers for $6 #highwayrobbery
6:35 am ask the girl at the flight counter if there's any way i can get to phoenix with less stops, she says, "yes of course! you can fly vegas to phoenix for only $400 more!"
6:36 am admit to myself how cheap i am and stick with my $100 flight to phoenix with 3 legs
7:20 am take off. maxson is a rockstar this flight playing with toys, eating food, drinking water, and entertaining himself.
9:00 am land in denver
9:30 am take off for LAX. sit next to a sweet old vietnamese woman who can't get enough of maxson. he sleeps for 40 min and i try to as well. again, an absolute champ on this flight entertaining all who sat around him
11:45 am land at LAX. let maxson crawl around the disgusting airport carpeted floor for an hour to get wiggles out while i eat a half frozen breakfast burrito i brought with me because there is not a single microwave at any food place to be found
1:15 pm board the last of our 3 flights to phoenix. we sat next to the two sweetest women over on this flight. seriously, they were heaven sent women and helped out so much. i wish i was related to them. he had a harder time on this flight going to sleep but did end up sleeping for half the flight
2:45 pm land in phoenix and collect our baggage
3:15 pm meet my mom at the airport curb greeting her with my applesauce covered pants and shirt, hair completely disheveled and a happy baby.
5:45 pm take the most needed nap ever while maxson eats and plays with granny
6:00 pm family arrives and we play with cousins and siblings all evening
8:00 pm spaghetti dinner with the family while maxson takes another nap
11:30 pm maxson goes down for the night
11:45 pm kimber blogs
12:00 am kimber goes to sleep

a. measuring tapes = GREAT entertainment during flights
b. cousins and balloons
c. cousins and balloons
d. a messy spaghetti dinner
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The Blackwelders said...

Flying is stressful with a baby. May has already flown three times and I hate it. Hey we are out here living in Cincinnati and I found out my only friend knows you! Satyra from your major! Small world. She had a baby boy ten days after it did.

Cody and Camille said...

Totally was thinking about you yesterday! Glad Mr. Max did so well! You are both champs. Have fun in AZ and UT!!!!

Brooke said...

Go mama, you are a trooper! Can't wait to see you soon!!!

Melissa said...

Did you use the diapers???

And looks like it all went well.

Courtney B said...

Oooooh I'm exhausted just reading that! You are super mom!
A) rip-freakin-off. I vow to never ever forget to put some diapers in my carry on!
B) I would totally choose the $100 flight with stops over the $500 flight. That is a huge chunk of money!