Friday, October 18, 2013

day 2: R&R

was today really a day of R&R? eh, it wasn't busy, and i did get to sleep in an extra hour due to me giving maxson to my parents once he was awake and happy. we hung out in the morning with my aunt and uncle. we taught my aunt more about pinterest. we admired maxson's great walking abilities and all his cuteness. we talked to casey as he began driving to see his brother. maxson napped for a glorious 2 hours while i R&R's on my computer, curled my hair, and patched up some jeans.

after we were ready for the day we drove down to see papa at work and visited with him awhile, played with cousins at their house (i gave their littles the bright idea of having a whole box to color in, they loved it.) we raced over to a friend's house to visit them (courtney and brandi with her little oliver and their husbands happened to be there some of the time). the babies were cute together and we caught up on life.

we came back to my parent's house to say hello and visit with my very funny eldest brother who flew in from utah. maxson impressed us with his walking and his quiet playing-by-himself skills. we facetimed daddy to see how his drive to indiana was. i made muddy buddies and we watched a new show called blacklist, good times, good times.

we miss you casey! muah!

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