Wednesday, April 10, 2013

one last post about our easter

i forgot there was more,
my bad...

cutler tradition is meeting the saturday before easter with all the cousins around logan utah, roasting hot dogs, having s'mores, going on easter egg hunts,  eating more food and having fun together.
while out here in nebraska by our lone selves, we continued the tradition the best we could:
grilled up some hot dogs
 photo IMG_7527_zps4ab83dfc.jpg
made smores on the stove
by the way- we found these flat marshmallows designed for s'mores which made eating it so easy.
i don't know how easy they would be to actually roast over a fire but they work AWESOME inside the graham cracker.
 photo IMG_7528_zpsc3d36d51.jpg
we chose cookies 'n cream hershey bar (hello? with our love affair with oreos, we had to)
and they may have been my favorite s'more i've had to date.
although once we ran out of the that hershey bar we substituted nutella and OH.MY.GOODNESS. 
do that sometime, people. JUST DO IT.
 photo Apr720133_zpsf425619e.jpg
as seen above, maxson was pretty worn out from all the food eating...

i promise this is my last easter post :)

and guess who's coming in town tonight?
 photo IMG_5081_zps23365a66.jpg
i could not be more THRILLED!!!!


Cody and Camille said...

We totally roasted dogs and rolled Easter eggs down our "hill" in the backyard a few years back to keep the tradition going. Those marshmallows look awesome and I love your mint skinny jeans!

Jessie and Austin said...

omg, hershey's cookies and cream on s'mores...come ON!i need some nowww