Wednesday, April 17, 2013

when granny came to town

the past week went way too fast.
way way way way way way way way way too fast.
i picked my mom up from the airport at 12:40 am thursday morning and suddenly it was tuesday and i had to drop her back off.
how rotten is that?
 photo IMG_7946_zps1f89968e.jpg
although we stayed cooped up inside mostly, due to cold, spring weather,
i had the most wonderful week with her here.
she was an absolute angel in every way.
she rejuvenated my spirit.
casey is going through the hardest semester dental school will give him right now (literally, all the upper classman say 2nd semester of the first year is the roughest, and we now understand why!)
and because of that, it's hard for me to get everything i want to do done.
she played with maxson while i
or napped.
and then when maxson was sleeping she
worked on my projects,
she's kind of like super mom.
 photo IMG_7965_zps2bd5e60d.jpg
of course casey and i are head over heels over little maxson and think he's just the best/cutest baby in the world.
but it was so fun to listen/see another person love this little baby just as much and agree with all our thoughts.

a few things her visit confirmed:
maxson really doesn't smile much for others.
she had to work real hard for his smiles/giggles,
she did get a few but they were most definitely selective.

we have a cuddle baby.
because maxson is our first, we just automatically assume this is how all babies are.
my mom constantly was saying how amazed she was that he was perfectly content with just cuddling your shoulder/chest when you held him.
we love it :)
 photo IMG_7931copy_zps45bd95ee.jpg
we love granny.
please come back soon!!!!!!!!!


Shane and Clara said...

Awhh! how sweet! It's always FUN when Granny comes.....!
Aren't Granny's amazing!! Your mom IS amazing and how gorgeous is that picture of you and your mom and Maxson!!! BEAUTIFUL. And I love the new look of your blog!!

Good luck to Casey too. Is the semester almost over yet?

Cherri said...

Sniff , Sniff..... :)

Megan said...

First, you look gorgeous Miss Kimber in that first picture! Second-- Maxson is about the cutest thing I ever did see. And third-- your mom seems like the bomb. Her balloon business?! That's awesome! And for some reason when I read that, it just kinda explained some of your awesomeness. We sure miss you!