Monday, April 8, 2013

april fool's

so casey loves april fool's as you can see by this video here.
not really, actually, he might hate it because of that video.
and 2 years later i still think that video is sooooooo funny.

well this year, he got a nice little letter in the mail telling him of a $400 parking ticket from indiana :)
 photo IMG_2857_zps43dbc011.jpg

back story: he's gotten like 3 parking tickets in indiana for the silliest of reasons, so this was quite believable.
our printer was acting up tons when i was trying to print this out and this is what the letter is supposed to look like, but casey didn't know the difference.
i downloaded the blog's original ticket, opened it in photoshop and adapted it to fit casey.

when he pulled out his phone to call the number and inquire about the ticket (quite irritated) is when i called it april fool's,
teehee...silly kimber.

at least this year i didn't get his clothes all wet, so maybe he didn't mind nearly as much :)


Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

LOL! That is Amazballs!! haha! I can just see casey face now.

Brooke said...

HAHA this is awesome! What a good idea

Purposely at Home said...

this is too great! hahaha!

i hope you two are having an incredible week. :)


Andy Ballstaedt said...

hahaha I wish I had done it!