Friday, April 26, 2013

whatcha doing.

we are hunkered down for battle in the cutler house.
the dreaded anatomy final was yesterday and today,
i know casey is just relieved to have that class behind him,
and i'm so proud of him for getting through that beast!


lately maxson is more interested in things that aren't his toys:
milk jugs,
my water bottle,
air freshener bottles,
a bag of crackers,
the poles that hold up all his fun toys.
ya know, really fun things.

and casey's beard is growing by the minute!
 photo photo-8_zpsa4c53c4a.jpg


i just finished reading battle hymn of the tiger mother and jeesh!
i am so glad i was not raised chinese.
kudos to teaching your kids to have a crazy insane work ethic but...but that way of parenting is just not for me.
but way interesting read, friends!


i've made an effort this week and last to have actual meals planned each night for casey and i since it's death week(s).
it takes a lot of work (and dishes) but it's been yummy nonetheless.
tonight we're having pulled pork for dinner.


it makes me giddy looking at the weather app on my phone and seeing numbers in the 70's.


happy weekend and happy arbor (tree love)  day!!


Cherri said...

go casey go.... and yay for good rewarding food.... I'll be there for the next meal!

go maxson go.... reach where mom can't imagine you can! Just watch out for the hot stuff :) !

Purposely at Home said...

ok, so can i just say that i'm LOVING your new bloggy look??

hope y'all have a great week. :)