Thursday, April 25, 2013

my serious little boy

i tend to post pictures of smiley maxson more often that not on this blog because, hey, smiley pictures are just so darn cute, right?
but more often than not, if you ever meet maxson,
he's not going to be smiling for you.
he will just look at you, intently, stone cold faced (for the most part), eyes content on watching you and his new surroundings.
i'm always impressed when my friends make big efforts to try and get him to smile at them, sometimes it works, sometimes not, but good try friends!
but bring around mom or dad, and it's almost instant smiles.
he kinda plays favorites...

though i've heard,
babies learn the most when they're quiet, content, and watchful.
so maybe he's just eager to learn!

if you were to meet maxson this is most likely the reaction you'd get from him:
or if you had a huge black camera in your hands...
 photo IMG_7982_zps39491d1e.jpg
 photo IMG_7988_zps327d63a0.jpg
 photo IMG_8003_zpsab66a2b8.jpg
 photo Untitled-3_zps9327649e.jpg

das my boyyy


Nicole said...

I just love his sweet face, he is too cute, Kimber.

Cody and Camille said...

Cutest serious face ever! And those baby blues are just dreamy!

Cherri said...

yep he IS cute.... practicing the serious cute boy look for those future GQ magazine shoots!