Thursday, April 18, 2013

little love letters

dear spring,
will you come back?
a few weeks ago you teased us with your appearance,
 but then promptly went back into hiding.
we promise to appreciate you this time around.
see this little baby?
he practically has no idea what fresh air means because of your yucky cousins called winter, snow, rain and wind.
it's so sad...
 photo IMG_7907copy_zps31a87253.jpg

dear thunder,
lately you scare me
please don't hurt us.

dear dishes,
can't you learn how to clean yourself?

dear maxson,
when you stretch after naps your cheeks bulge out and you get a nice double chin,
it's utterly adorable
stay cute and chubby and little forever, kapeesh?
 photo IMG_7897_zps27fe9d67.jpg

dear readers,
excuse the mess going on around this blog here.
trying to update and simplify it for us all,
and MAN is it complicated?!

dear scott, my brother,
thank you for your patience on helping me update my blog.
you are much fast than i...

dear casey,
i feel terribly awful for you lately (when it comes to schooling that it).
i'm pretty sure these next 2 weeks will take about 2 years off your life...
i am sorry.

dear mom,
thanks for coming to play with us in nebraska.
i guess the good thing about not living by you is that it makes me really appreciate you and want so badly to live by you.
and now after your visit, maxson actually smiles at you via FaceTime!!!! woohooo!!!
 photo IMG_7935_zps3298fc73.jpg
dear casey,
i guess if you insist on buying me that adorable bike at costco, sigh, i won't object...
cough, cough!

dear neighbor,
i'm sorry you're having to move.
it is most likely due to me complaining about smelling smoke in my home because of your (bad) habits.
but i just can't take it for another 3 years.
it was either you or i and i'm happier it was you...
but other than your (bad) smoking habit, you were a nice person if that makes a difference????

dear maxson,
thank you for suddenly taking way longer naps lately,
it's pretty darn awesome.
and although you're not completely predictable, i'll take what i can get!


1natederek said...

Seriously sick of the weather flip flopping! And I'm so happy you don't have to move now! Moving is no fun!

1natederek said...

Oh, actually that was me, Suzanne that wrote that, guess I was logged in under Nate.

Cherri said...

Yeeesss being with you in Nebraska was FANTASTIC.... can't wait for the middle of May!

Jessie and Austin said...

You, blog, and maxson are cute :)

Shane and Clara said...

Your pictures are so cute! I love maxson's expressions....seriously adorable!!!

And Aunt Cherri still looks like she always has....hasn't aged even a day! Beauty I tell you!!! Fun to see your mom in pictures. :) HI Aunt Cherri!;)