Tuesday, April 23, 2013

you can't have it all /// growing up too fast

casey and i were realizing today that when maxson starts rocking a new sleep habit, others fall to the wayside.

when he began doing well with sleeping long stretches at night,
his naps suddenly went capooey to little stretches.

when he began taking multiple long naps a day,
he started sleeping short stretches at night.

now he's beginning to sleep longer stretches at night,
but he fights me on falling asleep for his naps which he never did before.

ya win some,
ya lose some.
it'll all work out, right?


i look at this baby and sometimes and feel like i can actually see him growing and changing as i watch!
he wants to be so involved.
now when he's laying on his tummy, his head is almost always up at 90 degrees intently watching what i'm doing.
when he puts it down, and i call his name, he quickly bring it back up to find me.
when did this happen?
 photo IMG_8039copy_zpsa0ecd67f.jpg
i used to prop him up on the couch and he'd support his own head to watch things around him but mostly just sit back and relax,
now if i put him on the couch i better be right there because he's trying to sit his whole body up by himself and could easily fall too far forward (off the couch).
cutest little shirt on this boy huh? thanks jocelyn!
 photo IMG_8043copy_zpsc6d3ec44.jpg
i used to wear him in the moby wrap doing stuff around the house and he'd just be content watching.
now his little hands are reaching at everything and "helps" me do whatever i'm doing.

those are just a few of the things on my mind.

i have to admit, it's been so quiet around the blog lately.
a few weeks ago i thought the weather was going to stay sunny and warm for good and i was so happy.
but it's been cold most the time since then i've been so uninspired to go places/do things/take pictures.
i'm desperate to just sit outside with maxson and feel the sun on my skin.
i truly do belong in the warmth...

a few of you have commented about the dentist's beard.
he has turned into quite the lumberjack, that is for sure.
he decided to grow it out with one of my brothers for funsies (and a snow cone).
it's going to stick around until the middle of may and then he'll be back to his baby face!
 photo IMG_8017_zpsc809712c.jpg


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how LONG casey's beard is. I love beards, but lets be honest they are scratchy until they get soft.

love you.

ps. you dress maxson so well. approval.

Joe and Jocelyn Sigety said...

Ha ha I totally forgot about that shirt, I love it!!

Jacie Saltzman said...

dude, cute new blog look! if i were more educated in how to use a computer i would change mine all nice like. i guess i could pay someone to do it, but lets be honest, i hardly blog as it is. also maxson is so so cute and really is getting so big! i feel like you just had him! also casey's beard is so sweet. i say let him go duck dynasty style on ya.

James Phillips said...

You wrote my blog post again! Ellie will not take a nap in her crib and fights it too. I usually resort to the swing if I need to get something done. Other days she'll take a fee 5 min cat naps and be just fine all day long. Also, the reaching for things-yup. Very cute!!

Melissa said...

Sorry, I wasn't signed in as me. That's my comment ^