Friday, April 5, 2013

more on easter

we got together with a few other friends for easter evening!
we had the traditional easter dinner (so perfectly filling)
with a divine 4 layered chocolate cake.
 photo IMG_7636copy_zpsd833566c.jpg
 photo IMG_7608copy_zpsf5fffca9.jpg
 photo IMG_7605_zps404325bb.jpg
while maxson slept, casey and i watched the other adorable children search for easter eggs (on the tennis court).
funniest part:
the parents put some real eggs out there.
the little girl tripped while bringing hers back to her basket cracking the egg on the ground,
 and a huge frown covered her face, so devastated it broke!
the little boy on the other hand proceeded to throw the egg to the ground smashing it to pieces as soon as he picked it up...there was no candy in it, dang it!
so funny
 photo IMG_7625_zpsd24e4e1e.jpg
 photo IMG_7630copy_zpsfdda4f98.jpg
we had a most enjoyable easter sunday at church, with friends, and just our little family.

happy easter, once again, friends :)

ps- i broke out the flip flops easter weekend
and my toes were jumping for joy!
i've missed you so much flip flops!
 photo IMG_7574_zps4871c8a5.jpg

and this weekend we will enjoy church at home (with no meetings) watching general conference on TV via internet.
you can catch all the sessions online with us here,
they start at 10 am and 2 pm MST on saturday and sunday
and here's a little description of general conference if you've ever wondered what it is!
and here's a super cool graphic of an overview of conference info


Purposely at Home said...

YAY for flip flop weather and yay for chocolate cakes! :)

i hope you have a great week.


Alissa said...

That silly easter bunny leaving real eggs!! I would have done exactly what the "little boy" did....except I may have attempted to chuck it in the direction of the said easter bunny. :)
I love love your rain cloud and yellow dresser! Soo Cute.
Loved all the pictures of Maxson!
Keep reminding me about your updates on FB...or else I forget. :)