Tuesday, May 22, 2012

burgers and parks in nyc

so we spent our saturday night in new york city last weekend.
it kinda stinks with how work works out,
but we do try to steal a few hours in of fun on saturday nights.

casey was the awesome brave driver as always.
he amazes me in driving situations, ha, sounds silly, but true.
i'm getting better at being prepared exactly where we need to be and he's getting better and getting us there somehow.

we went to the infamous shake shack in madison square garden.
we'd been to shake shack in DC with my uncle last summer and were excited for the burgers again!
they really do taste amazing.
and their zig zag fries are sure yummy.
we spent a good half hour or more in line, and after an hour finally got our food.
i was starving, to say the least, and thoroughly enjoyed every bite.
i got the single shack burger and casey the double.
we don't play around when it comes to fries anymore and got 2.
i couldn't believe how busy that place was,
for reals, the line did not ease up one bit the 2 hours we were there.
brooke, christian, and kelly were our wonderful company and made for great laughter through the night.

at 9:30 i realized that the park we wanted to go to closes at 10!
so we speed walked our way 5 blocks toward 10th ave and enjoyed the park for 15 minutes.
the highline is an old elevated railroad track converted into a beautiful park walkway in the midst of the city (and it's free, yay!)
it really was so pretty and fun plus it's like a little haven elevated from the hustle and bustle of the streets.
we will most definitely be going back to visit it in the daytime.

laughter abounded all night.
booke, christian, and kelly are 3 of the funniest people i know.
this summer will be do great with them around.
i'm so happy casey is eager and willing to do all the fun things with me.
we have the attitude of "when in rome" when it comes to visiting places and try to do it all and taste it all.
it's just the best.
we're very excited for the many more activities the summer will bring us!

if you've ever been to nyc or lived there at all we'll take all the tips we can get on food and activities!


AN Petersen said...

You're so freakin adorable! Makes me jealous. : )

Jessie said...

So fun! Here's a list of things to do in NYC by neighborhood.

His Little Lady said...

okay, first off, why am i just now finding your blog? you and your hubby are absolutely adorable! second, whenever the mister goes to nyc he always talks about shake shack and how i really need to go there. but when i showed him this picture he didn't recognize it. are there more than one in nyc? because if so, i really really want to go to this one! this place looks magical with all the pretty lights ;)
xo TJ