Thursday, May 17, 2012


let's go way back in time,
october 2008 back in time.
it was casey and myself's first date.
we were going to the byu v utah st football game up in logan.

i swear, just the week before a friend on my freshman floor, stacey,
brought up the conversation of jean shorts aka jorts,
and how no boy should ever wear these,
that they were the ugliest thing ever,
that no one in their right mind would buy/wear them these days,
only weirdos wore them.

i fully believed her.
i soaked in all her words.
i was like "yeah, they are ugly. what are these boys thinking?'

well you guessed it, casey wore JORTS on our first date!

luckily, i was able to look beyond the jorts and easily forgave him. 
we're sitting here talking about them and casey thinks that when we were engaged i told him they were yucky and he should never again wear them.
wow, am i a rude person or what?!
but what can i say? i didn't like 'em? ha. 

well, i've been working on a project and those shorts were i the pile.
i held them up and we laughed.
casey says he still likes 'em.
i still don't like them so much.
other kinds, maybe...
those ones definitely not.

but i just cut them up so he can never wear them again :)

i love you, sweetie!
thanks for never again wearing jorts :)


Brooke said...

hahaha for reals... I HATE jorts.

curtis and jacque dana said...

I LOVE his Aggie shirt!(: about fell over laughing when I read this, totally how I feel about jorts(: btw always think of you when we get bahama bucks, love how you always post about it! Good luck in NJ!