Thursday, May 3, 2012

guess what? now we live in new jersey!

at long last, we have settled in somewhere after graduation!
wow, it has been a whirlwind of events over the last 2 weeks.
we had an amazing graduation weekend with family,
we had a wonderful time in AZ with family and went to mrs brooke's beautiful wedding.
and we then spent 40 hours in the car trekking to new jersey where we will be working this summer.
we packed up all our stuff and took it to nebraska, visited family in wyoming, iowa, and indiana as well as mission friends in pennsylvania

i am just so relieved to be done driving.
but my bum and back are killing me from sitting for so long.

let's talk about new jersey for just 1 second.

it's different than the west.

YOU CANNOT MAKE A LEFT TURN ANYWHERE and right turns are once in a blue moon

i want to scream every time i realize i need to turn.
 at nearly EVERY intersection there are signs saying NO TURNS.
that means no left, right, or U turns.
it's driving me bonkers and i've only driven around one day.

and then there are BILLIONS of highways, freeways, numbered things everywhere that once you get on it or miss your turn you can't turn for another 2 or 3 miles.
it is flipping ridiculous.

i cling to our GPS for dear life when i'm in the car,
it's pathetic.

the roads by far won over my emotions yesterday when i was in the car for nearly 45 minutes, at night, alone, trying to find my way home, and crying hysterically.
the GPS would not take me home!
like i said, you can barely turn anywhere and it kept leading me back to this one entrance to a highway that was closed and i had no idea how to get on it.
it was utterly terrible.

at this point, i'm not the biggest new jersey fan yet...

i'm pretty sure it'll get better it just might take a little while.

updates of the past few weeks to come soon.


Blair said...

oh Kimber! I'm so sorry. That sounds awful. I understand your misery because I hate not being able to turn at just one spot, so I can imagine how awful it would be to have every street like that :( Looking forward to more updates. Miss you guys already.

sam&charlie said...

you poor thing :( i would have said "forget it!" and drove back out west. ;)
best of luck in NJ! i betcha money it'll get much better for you from here on out.

Jessie said...

Where in Jersey are you? We'd love to see you when you make it to the city!

Rebecca said...

Hi! Remember me? jaylan served his mission in NJ and sympathizes with you! Also, what city do you live in. My little family lives out in MI so if you are ever in the area come see us!

Shane and Clara said...

oh, my goodness Kimber! I TOTALLY understand how you feel. When I first got to Georgia....I felt lost ALL the time. And at times, i still do.

I got lost one time at night and it was so fearful for me. I learned a quick lesson....NEVER to drive at night by myself!

GOOD LUCK I hope it gets better for you and SOON!

Can't wait to hear more and see pictures too.

Brittany said...

Should have just come back to Indiana for the summer... ;)