Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2 bachelors

let's talk a little about graduation, shall we?
we shall.

graduation rocked.
it was like celebrate casey and kimber week all over again,
not to sound all self-absorbed, but it really was just so much fun.

i think of the 4 days we were with family, we pretty much only had cereal for breakfast at our house, it was great.
everyone was so nice and treated us to the yummiest places that week.
brick oven pizza, awful waffle, more pizza, magelby's, and a japanese grill.
twas the best.

casey and i did everything for graduation together, not only because we're married, but also because we in the same college anyways.
commencement was sweet. 
walking into the marriot center all dressed up, having the sidewalks lined with professors in their really cool garb and then hearing the official graduation song playing was really very cool.
everyone around you was so happy too.
and it's amazing, after 4 years at BYU, i was really surprised how many people i kept seeing/running into that i knew.
there were nearly 7000 graduates and i knew people, kinda fun.
elder oaks spoke at commencement ceremonies and did marvelous.
my landscape management friends sat on one side of me, casey on the other side, and on the other side of casey was some of his dental club friends.
precious, huh?
it was later this night we went with the cutlers to brick oven pizza (mmm pineapple) and awful waffle.
they are such a hoot to be around.

the next day was REAL graduation activities.
my sweet parents bought us hawaiian leis to wear during all our festivities.
those flowers were so much fun to wear all day long, and they smelt so DANG good!.
it just made it that much more celebratory!
we then went the (veryyyyyyyyy long) graduation ceremony where they called everyone's names and we received out "diplomas."
it was funny, casey and i were literally part of the last 15 people to get up there and walk due to them messing up seating, so the poor guy had done so well on EVERYONE'S names and still sounded so cheery,
but we went up (I was first, since casey technically was walking with me and my department) he said "kimberly woodruff carter" and casey very loudly corrects him to cutler.
he then says, "oh sorry, that's cutler and walking with her husband, casey d cutler."
it was so cute :)

we made our way out of the marriot center, and i met up with a bunch of my landscape management friends to take pictures.
we took more pictures with family and soaked in the moment.

then, for dinner, we went to sakura, japanese steakhouse in provo and boy was it good.
yes, a little pricey but well worth every dollar.
the food was incredible, the cook was so fun and put on such an entertaining show.
it was such a wonderful end to our day of celebration.
but seriously, the food and service were outstanding.

cue the rest of graduation pictures i want to post:

it was one of the awesome times where people just take your camera and willingly take lots of pictures for you, thank you, family.

happy graduation to us.

and even bigger happiness to kimber knowing that i never have to take a test for school again!!!!!!


The Petersons said...

Kimber these pictures are seriously way too cute! I love them. Can't believe we are DONE. So surreal. Hope everything is great! :)

LaraMackenzie said...

Yay! YAY! That's so great! Congratulations to you both! I just love your hair. And your lip color. And the pictures. And all the other pictures on this darn cute blog of yours. I love your style, girlfran!

Mike said...

Thats awesome congratulations! Its cool that you graduated at the same time.