Wednesday, May 16, 2012

iphone update

life from the iphones over the past month


our time in arizona.
bahama bucks. casey's 2nd love.
they had a new size even bigger than their biggest size and casey had to get it.
it pretty much took 3 days to eat.
more on how awesome bahama bucks is later :)
in-n-out and ned's krazy subs with our trusty companion, annalee.
her and phoebe went everywhere with us that week which was a blast.
sadly, phoebe was always taking naps when we did lunch.

driving in separate cars, even ugher.
finally getting to indiana, yay.
more on indiana and iowa later.

our first weekend in nj.
we went to the god father brick oven pizza.
pineapple and ham, of course, and it was yummo.
that night we also went and saw the avengers=awesome.
sunday lunch=green pancakes

our apartment complex.
a walk a took one day to the cemetery across the street.
you know how on headstones they always say something like "the mother who loved all", "always inspiring" "a father and friend"
ya know?
i was thinking what if we all did our headstones like the i'm a mormon campaign?
 a wife, a mother, a mormon.
i just thought it'd be funny :)

and there is a small update

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Brooke said...

not to be creepy buuuuut... I feel like I have seen that apartment complex before.... maybe.....