Monday, May 7, 2012

day 6 in new jersey

i feel like i have finally officially set up camp here in new jersey,
all food is bought.
all cleaning items are bought.
all random household items are bought.
we are beginning to get into a rhythm of how life will work around here for the summer.
we've been to church.
yes, i think we are setting ourselves in.

thank you one and all for your sweet comments on my first terribly traumatic day in NJ.
it is getting better.
i've just finally come to the realization of a few facts.
1. the roads will be stupid all summer, that's just how it is.
2. brigham young truly was inspired how he set up the utah road system.
3. if i get a ticket, it's alright, the tears will come easily and there will be no ticket.
4. it is alright to frantically yell at the other in order so they don't miss a turn.
5. always turn too early by mistake than too late.

so we live in a town called parsippany (par-sip-uh-nee).
it's full of indians :)

you run into foreign accents EVERYWHERE around here.
it's so fun.
and the names these guys are selling to have the funkiest last names, all of them.

there are mom and pop shops EVERYWHERE.
food/retail chains can be found but it feels even easier to find any small little place.
i think we kind of want to try lots of pizzeria around here and find the yummiest!

i called my mom on about the 2nd or third day here and told her how everything just felt so different.
the roads are different.
the names.
the walmart.
the people.
the prices.
the gas stations (all are full service!)
i almost feel like i've moved to foreign country (that speaks english).
FINALLY i went to COSTCO, and i felt home.
that place was THE EXACT same like the west.
the prices, the set up, everything.
i just love costco so much.
i should write them a letter to express my gratitude.

i might as well share the low down on our job out here,
i know i never have in the past, but i don't see why not.
we're doing summer sales pest control out here.
casey sells for terminix and goes out and finds customers everyday.
i'm the "office coordinator".
i set up all the appointments, organize paperwork, help with paying the guys, and am in constant contact with the local branch manager of terminix working out problems with accounts and technicians.
it's a pretty chill job but can also have lots of work sometimes.
i'm grateful for it though, it's flexible, it pays well, i help casey with his job, and i can still run the house (aka feed, shop, clean etc:)
casey is very good at his job to say the least.
it's very worth it to us to come out and sell during the summers.
it's not the most glamorous job but if you work really hard you can really do well financially.
so yes that's where we are, and yes, this is FOR SURE our last summer doing summer sales (hallelujiah).

what i've been doing lately,
organizing the house,
catching up and organizing all the office work/working out glitches,
listening to music,
listening to the presidents of the church lecture series, so fascinating,
editing pictures,
making food.

i sure wish i had a dog or cat out here, mmeh.

maybe you can see pictures next time :)

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