Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ode to Kimber!!!!

Hi my name is Casey and I approve this message P.S. that is from a song and I thought I was funny! Anyways so this is Ode to Kimber about the rememberrings of yesteryear!
Remember being here where we spent a Holiday in the sun and enjoyed family and fun with games and great food, oh ya remember the sickness we felt ye not that fun to remember
Remember when we bought you this Hat! Yes you could not resist getting just one you needed 2. It looks cute with this outfit sure does! Ode to Kimber!
Remember when you looked at the camera with this face? I can't remember why you were giving a pouty face, but hey this is the Ode to Kimber so it doesn't matter all that matters is we change it to a smile!
Remember when we wrote our names on the crazy wall of the little deli we ate at downtown Indianapolis. These names will probably sell for millions of dollars one day maybe not to the public, but to our sweet future kids!
Who doesn't remember the Jimmer! Remember how fun this year of basketball was even though we didn't go to many games at home we watched him on TV. Remember when we made it to the sweet 16!
Remember this family! Oh how we loved spending time with them in our summer of being away. Didn't they bring just a fun time to our summer!
Remember when we were away for a few weeks and I was trying to learn how to be a dentist and got to see so much crazy things in MEXICO Oh ya I don't speak spanish!
Remember how you love to sleep it doesn't matter where or when, if you can get a spare moment you would love to fall asleep.
Remember when Jaden would eat anything you fed him, what a fun time and oh how I miss this little boy! This past summer came and went and now its us again! Oh remember
Remember when we got married and committed to spend eternity with each other no matter what circumstances arose, thick and thin we are for each other What a great moment in life, an exciting adventure starting a new, wouldn't it be nice to relive that exciting time again!

Oh the Ode to Kimber Remember Remember the times we've spent and for the future adventures we will experience! We have so much in life to experience so lets live it happy as can be no matter the cost that love may be!!!


LaraMackenzie said...

First of all, this is adorable. Secondly, your hat is, too. And lastly, your dress is FANTASTIC.

Brittany said...

Aw, love it!