Saturday, September 17, 2011

another reason why it's great to be going to BYU

you know what's awesome about going to BYU?
there's free food somewhere nearly always.
you just have to make and effort to stand in the really long lines for it.
well we finally did, ha.
the business school had their "opening social" (and bc i'm a business minor i was technically invited:)

we went.
we ate. (insert how much we heart j-dawgs, snow cones, and cotton candy here).
we conquered.

snaps for the marriot school of business.

(i hope you all enjoy the top right pic of me stuffing my boca:)

my advice to anyone at BYU or wanting to go to BYU:
make the effort to participate in the free things on campus bc it won't last for long.
and they end up being fun.

ps- we saw the cutest 2 year old boy running around the field aka it looked like our future child:
platinum blonde hair.
BYU football jersey.
running with a little football.
it kinda melted our hearts.

**plans for our staurday**
collecting our bountiful basket.
going to a baby shower.
tailgate with the ward.
BYU v UTAH football game!

happy saturday!

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Jacie Saltzman said...

oh! kimber! i shouldve asked u last night, but i just now read this. how do u like bountiful basket?! i am thinking about doing it