Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pretty fall colors with...snow?

yesterday i played intramural flag football and had a blast.
and half way through we were accompanied by SNOW!
yeah, SNOW!
i thought and yelled "it's Oct 26, it should not be snowing!!
ha, snow is pretty, i just want fall to last a wee bit longer!!!

i curse the following 2 things on it snowing :
a) one morning a week or two ago i woke up and thought "it'll be so fun to see freshly falling/en snow outside my window in the morning!"
b) miss jenna masters said how she was enjoying beautiful weather in london while provo was enjoying snow and i thought to myself "whatever! we don't have snow"...that night it snowed
luckily it all melted away rather quickly

but here are some of my fall pictures of taken lately.
i love fall so much and am trying remember it very distictly bc arizona doesn't get this kind of beautiful


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

love the pics...seriously LOVE this time of year!

Jenna Masters said...

yay! shout out to me :) sorry it snowed though, at least it melted! i love your fall pictures, good job!

Cherri said...

Love it too. I have to have the silk ones here....