Tuesday, December 15, 2009

cooking for two

after making a real dinner tonight for almost the first time,
casey & i decided to be super ambitious and make cookies with our new kitchen aid!

i told casey to put on an apron for fun and help & he decided the skirt one would be best...
what a guy eh?
the cookies turned out delicioso btw

other happenings of december:

1.) we went to my ballroom dance company dinner which was fun
we looked like quite a cute couple if i do say so myself!
casey heard there was a one plate rule so he PILED up his plate massively,
put rolls in his pockets,
PILED stuff on my plate so i looked like a piggy too,
and then they said you could get a 2nd plate later...
so much for the savageness!

2) During the whole ballroom thing casey was so ancy to leave so we could go to the BYU v ASU basketball right next door!
we made it over before the first half was over and had a blast!
scott and megan went that night too which made it way fun!
2 things made me proud: look at this awesome white-out student section!
and we beat ASU, and they were ranked!

3) we finally got our bedding etc!
thanks you everyone for the bed bath and beyond gift cards :)
we both agree it's so much better to have a cute new, fluffy one than casey's...
cowboys bed spread ;)
hehe casey looks funny in this pic :) and his derriere got a bad angle...poor thing

it's these little things in life that really make it happy

ps- casey and i cannot get thesong "grandma got run over by a reindeer" out of our heads!
we just keep singing it and singing it!. mmeh! 
(nicole, amy, or brooke: i thought of you as i wrote that mmeh) 


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Oh you guys look so happy. I know we are going to miss everybody over the holidays but summer will be more fun and you will actually get to hold baby Porter instead of him being attached to my boob all day...te hehe! Its the big Christensen Reunion this summer, flaming gorge days, and the fourth. Were excited but yes were pouting too and love you guys!
xoxoxo (kisses from Trey and Porter) ;)

Uncle Billy & Aunt Jean said...

You two look like you are settling in fine and keeping each other warm! May you bake many more goodies with your new red kitchenaid mixer! We love you lots and can't wait to see you again soon!