Saturday, September 24, 2011

firstly through sixthly

first things first:
sweet new watch company, check them out!
casey and i both have 3 of their watches each and love them.
you can change out the band and face colors as much as you want.
they're doing a giveaway on facebook right now for 3 watches so you should go enter!!!
ps- if you do buy any from their website, make sure you've liked them on facebook and followed them on twitter bc both give you $5 off coupons!!!

more free stuff at byu/why byu rocks:
A. free bike tune ups.
B. free muffins and bananas for no reason.
twas great.

babysitting rocks when it's your own neice/nephew.
there's just that added bit of fun, know what i mean?

the byu game last night was quite fun if i do say so myself.
more to come on that later.

we won our girl's flag football game this morning,
it rocked.

it's saturday,


LaraMackenzie said...

that muffin and banana look soo good.

Cherri said...

I think BYU gives out a lot more free stuff now then they did 30 years ago... (ugh! has it been that stinking long). Or is it just "you" Kimber that can smell the FREE stuff from 10 miles away..... :)