Sunday, September 25, 2011

my major rocks.

last week for our plants diagnostics class (aka memorize weeds, insects, diseases...oh wait i'm so ahead of that game!) we drove an hour away to the church farms in delta, ut to do some disease research on their corn crops. our caravan consisted of four 12 passenger vans. i was the front van with our professor. after we began the 10 minute off-roading excursion to the crop, one of the vans got stuck in a big old patch of mud. so everyone, including our professor, got out and started pushing that thing out, ha. took us like 15 minutes to get it out, but it sure brought some laughter. but really, all our professors are so awesome, down to earth, great people, who really have a passion for what they're teaching and love the students. i know this may seem odd, but i truly have a testimony of byu. no where else, can you begin class with a prayer, have your professor relate academic studies to gospel principles during a lecture, or have your professor openly talk about his mission to the whole class. i love byu.

secondly, i'm in the landscape management presidency and it rocks.
the people rock.
we have a blast together.
one of our presidency members is missing here, but oh well :)
if you're in slight contemplation of choosing a major, look at ours, it's the best.
plus, our professors are superb at networking for us and everyone graduates with a job who wants one.
the people are all just so great in the industry.
the above picture is us all laughing.
why are we laughing?
charley (bald guy) and i were arguing in the picture before this and then we all laughed how the picture before this one would actually look like we're arguing, oh goodness... 

lastly, the LM students have the wonderful priviledge to clean one section of the football stadium after football games.
as horrible as it sounds, it actually is fun with everyone.
everyone works so hard and we laugh and have a ball together.
plus, there's always great food afterward.
it's just dandy.

but next time you go to a byu football game, pick up yo trash people!

peace out.


Cherri said...

Oh my goodness I miss BYU and I think it sounds like its better than ever. So glad so many of you have gotten to attend.

Cherri said...

Noticing you are not in any of the pictures helping push....

Shane and Clara said...

I always wondered who cleaned that stadium after the I know someone who does!!! man there is always tons of trash there! :(

I wish I could be going to those games.

Brittany said...

Darn, for some reason I couldn't see the pics, but I love BYU too! :)