Thursday, September 29, 2011


yay for learning your SIL is pregnant (i have so many SIL's you don't know which one, heh).

yay for visiting your cousin who just had her baby less than 24 hours after the event.

yay for waking up strictly at 7 am with no pushing snooze for the first 3 weeks of school.

yay for it being the 4th week of school and pressing snooze every.single.time at 7 am.

yay for cousin dinners.

yay for professors being incredibly merciful after receiving a horrible test grade.

yay for starting a 1000 piece puzzle with casey.

yay for pretty nail polish.

yay for a Relief Society broadcast that was so beautiful and perfectly put.

yay for the temple.

yay for intramural sports.

yay for miss katie g. who went and got (free) coldstone ice cream with me where we could relate on every basis.

yay for communication in marriage. it works much better than not.

yay for a bicycle that makes getting to class and coming home so much faster.

yay for seeing fall slowly creep down the mountain.

yay for seeing the good in life.

what's your list of yay's?


AN Petersen said...

Pregnant huh? Actually thanks to your mother and my mother, i often know things others may not. I think i may have narrowed it down because i only had two to choose from even though you have three sister in laws because well you know why. Unless your only now writing about the one i know about....i hope i have thoroughly confused you because i certainly am.

AN Petersen said...

Anywho, that is very exciting news!