Sunday, September 11, 2011

happiness is:

- playing cranium with people who are really funny aka casey, scott and megan
-racing a weenie dog in the dark of night across the field while the weenie dog chases the laser pin light
-meeting up with cousins who are awesome
-going to baby showers where you learn so much
-watching byu football
-painting furniture
-casey playing intramural football
-meeting up with friends for lunch and having endless things to talk about
-crock pot meals
-gorgeous utah weather
-riding your bike down from campus (down=no work bc there's no uphill:)
-seeing a ferris wheel on campus
-being able to work together
-knowing that fall is just around the corner
-looking on pinterest for great ideas (if you would like an invite, please ask, bc I can send you one!)
-married friends in your ward who are awesome
-chocolate chip/m&m/oatmeal cookies that you have to eat a million of bc they're so yummy


AN Petersen said...

Happiness is reading Kimber's blog! I cant help but smile everytime i tune in. I especially love all the old photos you dig up. Oh and going to baby showers and learning things.....that made me crack up! : )

LaraMackenzie said...

You got me addicted to pinterest, lady. ADDICTED, I say! I love it.