Thursday, December 31, 2009

tender moments

a few tender moments of the week of christmas :)

our first christmas together waswonderful!
ever since the summer i was telling casey how excited i was for christmas bc
(1) i love christmas and
(2) it would be a christmas of newlywed bliss!
we absolutely loved the time together,
time with family
time to relax
time to think about our savior
time to have fun
endless time!

sorry but there will still be many more christmas memories to come once i get all my siblings pics!

one more tender its own way:)


Scottie and Megany said...

awww so cute! i love the first pic cuz i gave you that headband!! :) and then love the last one... haha i look awful but scott looks cute! thanks for including us on your blog. i feel honored lol

Annie said...

you two are so precious!