Sunday, December 13, 2009

girl jeans

so, yesterday casey and i had a massive day of shopping
christmas shopping
house stuff shopping
window shopping
all that fun stuff...

well our last stop was down east outfitters (one of my absolute fave stores btw)
and there was a sales rack outside,
looked like guy jeans for once, so i told casey to look through it to see if any fit
he came in with one and said "the sizes were weird but this might fit"
tries em, they fit decent for american eagle jeans, a little big int he waist but they work for 12 bucks
as we go to the counter to buy them, casey reads the tag:
amercian eagle: women's jeans

hehe casey almost bought girl jeans :)

one more story, we came out of a store (to our embarrassingly still decorated car),
found an envelope on our car that said,
congratulations! someone did this for us when we got married, thought we'd pass it on!
inside was a few bucks, so sweet of them huh?!
our hope is to pass on this sweet gesture to others :)


Anonymous said...

hahahha, laughing so hard. so are kat and courtney.
love it so much!

Cody and Camille said...

Woot! Woot! Go Casey! That totally killed us. Seriously, the laughing hurts.