Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goodbye 2009

ha we are in this picture! play i spy kimber and casey!

I can't believe this year is already over! here's a little tribute to the year 2009!
things to be missed

  1. the excitement of being engaged
  2. freshman year
  3. aspen grove times
  4. michael jackson (long live the king of pop;)
  5.  making wedding plans
  6. my maiden name (although it is now my middle name!)
things not to be missed:

  1. security systems
  2. being engaged for forever
  3. the slowest summer ever of separation from each other
  4. making wedding plans
things that happened

  1. met my best friend
  2. got married to my best friend for forever
  3. changed my name to cutler (it's funto write in cursive, it has lots of loops:)
  4. moved into our first married apartment
  5. spent the longest time making pumpkins for halloween
  6. the official birth of kimberobics
  7. went to disneyland for grandpa woodruff's 80th birthday with casey
  8. finished my 3rd official semester of college
  9. changed my major 10 times in one year
  10. went to mexico for the 1st time with casey!
  11. casey learned how to ride a motorcycle
  12. kirk came home from  his mission finally!
  13. became an aunt and uncle for the 6th official time and we love it!
  14. reached 100,000 miles on our car
  15. learned lots of nursery rhymes/songs for Annalee
  16. casey became a security guard
  17. made the ballroom dance team
  18. had season passes to sundance and went skiing lots (*casey's b-day fun of both of us literally being stuck in the snow) but we did get really good this season
  19. went through the draper, mesa, and st george temples together
  20. provo movie night in the park
  21. sledding together and peed our pants laughing while doing it
  22. went to both apr/oct conference
  23. first christmas together!
  24. had a pizza on the beach in cancun for thanksgiving dinner
  25. put on over 30,000 miles on the car of taking trips
Hello 2010!

things we will do this year that aren't technically goals:

  1. sell pest control in sacremento
  2. finish our 5th semester of college
  3. kimber will turn 20
  4. casey will turn 23
  5. go to family reunions!
casey and i created some of our own goal stuff and have it hanging in a cupboard of our kitchen that we open a lot, hopefully we'll do them!

ps- it's always way weird to start writing the new year's number to date everything
i've messed it up so many times already!

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